Interior finishers & shopfitting

Elegant and ergonomic
In sales rooms the SOR lifting system can be used equally successfully for safe storage and as the suitable presentation method for valuable products. Use of the system as a presentation method for jewellery is just one of many possibilities. Other articles can also be presented impressively using the SOR lifting system.

Sichere Aufbewahrung und beeindruckende Warenpräsentation in einem: das SOR-Hebesystem als Schmuckpräsenter.

Safe-keeping and impressive presentation of goods in one: The SOR lifting system as a tool for jewellery presentation.

Invest in safety
With our system, safes with valuables or important documents can be made to quickly disappear into walls or other building elements and are thus protected from unauthorised access.

Wertsachen sicher aufbewahren: Der versenkbare Safe im Bad – das SOR-Hebesystem macht’s möglich.

Keeping valuables safe: The hidden safe in the bathroom - the SOR lifting system makes it possible.