Furniture industry & carpentry trade

The SOR lifting system provides the furniture industry with numerous options for catering for the comfort needs of demanding target groups or upgrading certain products. Big-name manufacturers have already recognised the advantages of the SOR lifting system and integrated our system into various products.

Elektrisch herausfahrender Barschrank - realisiert mit SOR-Scheren-Hebesystem

Electrically extending bar cabinet - realized with SOR scissors lifting system

In Küchen ein oft gesehenes Bild: Große und selten genutzte Küchengeräte nehmen unnötigen Platz ein: mit dem SOR-Hebesystem lassen sich große Küchengeräte platzsparend im Unterschrank versenken.

A common scene in kitchens: Large and rarely used kitchen appliances take up space unnecessarily: 
With the SOR lifting system, large kitchen appliances can be lowered into the floor unit to save space.

Sideboard mit integriertem SOR TV-Lift.

Sideboard with integrated SOR tv-lift