About us

Electrically-driven lifting systems from the specialists

SOR Technology & Lifestyle develops, designs, manufactures and distributes electric motor powered lifting systems that can be used in a wide variety of uses. 

With this range of services, that is supplemented with a comprehensive customer-oriented service, SOR is successful in Germany and Europe.

We supply customers in a wide range of industries and applications.

SOR lifting systems are used by industry and trade, in production, packaging and conveying technology as well as for testing and simulation systems.

For the furniture industries and the carpentry trade, SOR lifting systems offer multiple possibilities when furniture need to be electrically height-adjustable or to allow objects to be moved out of these.

But also the private user can use SOR lifting systems for a wide variety of lifting operations.

The production of high-quality lifting systems is, of course, managed by the most modern machines, since the production requires the highest precision.

As a long-established and innovative company from Bielefeld, Germany, we are continuously developing and face new challenges and tasks every day. Together with our customers, we find solutions all around the topic "lifting and lowering".

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